Learn the art of iPhone photography with this workbook/mini course

If I told you I have a method to help you start taking better photos using your iPhone, would you want to know more?   

By cutting out all the bumph and getting straight to the point - the good news is, that after reading, and putting into practice the exercises from within my workbook/mini course, you will be able to take better photographs using your iPhone sooner than you think.

How? I go through my iPhone camera settings, share tips and tricks, will help you to understand composition, master natural light, share my editing secrets (through visual tutorials), provide creative inspo - all while encouraging you to take your own photos along the way.

I do currently have an introductory early bird offer on. So that you can start your own creative journey to taking beautiful photos (using your iPhone) for just £29.

This workbook/mini course is for anyone who has an iPhone, although most techniques can be transferable across other phone makes (to be found in different places). And all of the editing, composition, and light techniques are the same across devises.

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