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Year Review in 100 Words

January 1, 2016

For my year review I have decided to do things a little differently and sum up my 2015 through a combination of words and an image that (to me) speaks all of these words.  2015 has been a year of change and growth, in both business and life itself, with lots of personal development and self-discovery of inner strength – and the only way for me to review the year is to express how it really was. How it felt. Completely. And Honestly.

Photography Sheffield

Below are my 100 words of 2015…

Solace. Goals. LESSONS. Strength. Hope. Love. Health. Happiness. Joy. Marriage. Family. Friendships. Hardship. Deceit. Pain. Confusion. Growth. Achievements. Releasing. Challenges. Judgments. TRUTH. Disappointments. Reflective. Letting Go. BELIEF. INSPIRATION. FORGIVENESS. Creativity. Grateful. Thankful. FREE. Adventures. Connecting. Workshops. PHOTOGRAPHY. SOULBALM. Studio. Passion. RANGEFINDER. BBC Radio. Sheffield Live. JUNEBUG. Reading. Yoga. Walkabout. Countryside. Planning. TOGETHER. Shielding. Learning. Teaching. Projects. Artist. Holding Hands. Spirit. Knowledge. Wisdom. EXPLORING. Seeing. Excitement. Quotes. Wild. Poetry. Discovery. Reunited. Acceptance. DREAM. Visualise. Meditation. DETERMINATION. Beauty. Real. Giving. Compassion. Awareness. Celebrations. SHEFFIELD. WEDDINGS. Camera. Dancing. Enjoyment. Bradford. Amsterdam. Australia. SPAIN. Brazil. Iran. SCOTLAND. Mountains. Anniversary. Sunflower. Solitude. Journey. ALIVE. 2015.

The idea and inspiration for this post came from my beautiful and kindred friend Dal Kular who is the creator of The Laughter Angel in Sheffield.  I also have my own place, my personal space, my solace for further personal work and words that inspire me – if you are interested you can find my personal journal over at SOULBALM. It’s new and it’s work in progress and will be a BIG part of 2016.

2015 has been full of lessons, and I strongly believe that ALL lessons, especially the hard ones, all shape us into the person we are today… “Some of the best lessons we ever learn are learned from past mistakes. The error of the past is the wisdom and success of the future” ~ Dale Turner.  So I give thanks to all of those lessons I had to learn, no matter how hard they were, for it is only through those lessons I have grown stronger and wiser and more determined.

Thank you to my wonderful husband Rodrigo for all of your support when at weddings, shoots, and in everything we do together and when apart.  You are a talented photographer, wonderful, generous, kindred and kind soul and you are my best-friend.  Thanks for being part of my team in work and life. You’re my everything and here is to an amazing 2016 TOGETHER my love!

Thanks to all of our clients, friends, family, for their continued support, and thanks to you too for reading this post. Why not write down your 100 words of 2015?  Go on, have a go :)

Wishing you all love, peace and a prosperous 2016,

Jess xx

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