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Jess Petrie Photography


“You both have an amazing natural gift and ability to capture stunning and creative images and make it look easy. The relationship you both have with your camera is strong and innate, and you clearly know just how to work with the light, play with your locations and understand your subjects in any circumstance and get the most out of any photographic opportunity. And yet, it feels that it goes beyond your cameras, to your understanding of people, relationships and capturing beautiful moments.” ~ Hayley Reeves (bride)


Meet Jess & Rodrigo

Jess and Rod are a husband and wife wedding photography team, who are renowned for their beautiful, timeless signature style of photography, as well as their super easy-going personalities and absolute commitment to their clients.

Jess has over ten years experience in the wedding industry. She shot her first wedding in 1999, and graduated with a degree in film photography shortly after. She has worked for the press internationally and has taught art to young people and adults in large groups. She now runs photography training workshops for students and photographers alike, alongside her wedding and boudoir business, and happily mentors those who are looking to improve or who are just starting out in the world of photography.

Jess loves oceans, a deep read, polaroids, riding out to the peak District on her classic motorbike, and she wants to take every cat home that she sees, attending art exhibitions gives her joy, she loves playing her guitar (well, practicing:)), and cooking.

Rodrigo’s background is in web-design and people photography. He loves to travel and has lived in many different parts of the world. He loves meeting new people, experiencing different cultures and has always documented the places he has been, and the people he has met through the lens. He is very much a ‘people person.’  He joined Jess as a second photographer in 2012, and as the saying goes ‘the rest is history.’

Rod loves travel, flying his drone (in places he shouldn’t), he also takes his go-pro camera everywhere!, he like to dabble in videography, he plays squash, loves running (he runs a lot for charity), he listens to Jazz (a lot), loves good wine and cooking.

They are both a normal down-to-earth couple who share an equal love for photography and are extremely passionate about their work, you can read more about their working style and approach to weddings here.

Whitby Bay

Keeping strong ethics

Jess & Rod believe strongly in running and maintaining an ethical business. Not only do they provide every one of their customers with an outstanding service, they build strong lasting relationships with them, and with all who they choose to work with. They are always looking at ways to reduce their carbon foot-print as much as they possibly can in and outside the studio, and use only ethically sourced materials for all uses of stationary and consumer products.

Jess & Rod are also big believers in good community spirit and send a proportion of their print sales to HARC Homeless shelter in Sheffield each year (who run volunteering projects to help the most vulnerable at Christmas time: http://www.harcsheffield.org.uk).  They also get involved with other local charitable projects and events by helping out with tree planting, and Rodrigo regularly gets involved charity runs where he raises funds for Weston Park Children’s Hospital, amongst others. Jess auctions off her photography at events to raise money for charity and she is also part of the Butterfly Wishes Network, where she volunteers her services for families with terminally ill children.

They are regularly featured in top publications and have had their work featured in the prestigious RangeFinder Magazine New York (with whom they have also won a number of awards with). They have also been featured on JuneBug Weddings (featuring the worlds best wedding photographers), Rock My Wedding, Wedding Sparrow, Style Me Pretty, Grey Likes Weddings, Green Wedding Shoes, Magnolia Rouge – to name but a few, as well having their wedding work in print with Wedding Magazine, Brides Magazine, and more. Please Feel free to take a look over on their press page for any up-to-date features.

Jess also specialises in creative boudoir photography.  She has been featured with the Boudoir Collective (and is listed as one of their highly recommended global boudoir photographers), she has been interviewed with RangeFinder Magazine about her boudoir business, had her boudoir work printed in RangeFinder, and also won the 2016 Portrait Photography Contest for the Boudoir category. She has been featured with Femme Rebelle Magazine in a number of issues, and recently spoke about her boudoir photography business over at ARC in Vancouver last October (2016).  You can see her boudoir work over at www.beautifullyundressedboudoir.com