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Group Wedding Photos – Top Tip

December 8, 2015

Group Wedding Photos – Top Tip For Your Wedding Photography

Group Wedding Photos - Top Tip

Ok, so your contemplating having some formal group wedding photos taking on your big day, and why not?  As much as you may dislike the idea you know that you are going to want these shots in your album to look back on.

Here’s some advice; schedule your group photos – make a list of who you want in your formal photographs, and give the list to someone who can organise getting everyone together for you (maybe your ushers).  Allow up-to 5 minutes per group photo – which includes getting them organized and taking a few different variations of them.  Have fun with them too, who says group photos have to be boring?

I would recommend having seven formal group photos scheduled (maximum) – any more and it will start to feel a bit monotonous for you and for your guests.

group photosFormal but fun group photos

There is always a limited time-frame between the end of the ceremony to the wedding breakfast to get the group photos so you want to make sure that you have sufficient time for your couple portrait time together as newly-weds (top-priority).

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I always advise our couples that if there are any additional photos that they may want with other guests, family members and friends that we can capture these whilst we are taking candids of everyone chatting and mingling later in the day – between the speeches and the first dance is usually a good time.

Group Wedding Photos Group Wedding Photos

Sometimes you can start to worry too much about not including certain family members in group shots, and every photographer has their own way of working but the way we see it is that we are there for you, and it’s your day, so if you later decide that you want photos with the group of family or friends that you are stood chatting with, then that’s what we are there for.  We approach weddings as documentary photographers; when you are stood mingling with your guests, we are taking photos, at every moment and in-between those moments – we are there taking photos.  During the speeches we are taking photos of you and your guests – we are observing and capturing the reactions and the spirit of the day, even if people are not looking directly into the camera and are completely unaware that their photograph is been taken (because the are so into the moment) there will be a photo of them in your gallery.

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If you are worried or unsure about your group wedding photos (and we are not your photographers) I would suggest that you chat to your photographer about it – we always go though the process of group photos with each of our couples prior to the big day so we all know what to expect.  Our aim to to make your wedding photography stress free (because that’s our job), so you can relax and enjoy your day knowing that we are going to capture everything that you are expecting and more :)



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