Wedding photography Sheffield

We are Jess & Rod, a husband and wife wedding photography duo. We are are both calm and relaxed in both nature and working style, and we are often told that we have a calming presence and influence which helps our couples feel more at ease when in our company.

How do we work? We take a photojournalistic and discreet approach; we don’t interfere or stage shots during weddings, instead we are always observing, with fingers on the shutters ready to capture those genuine smiles, mid-laughter moments, and tears of joy. However we do encourage formal group photos, which of course, we are more than happy to accommodate.

Capturing true emotion is important to us as wedding photographers and story-tellers, it’s what gives our images life and tells the story over and over, it’s the most significant element to our work. The use of natural light is also important to us because light helps to create & express mood, our style is also very soft which wouldn’t be the result if we were to use harsh artificial light.

We don’t just photograph faces, we capture people’s true-core selves, the bonds between those they love, and freeze how they are feeling at that very moment forever…

In summary we capture honest feeling with genuine hearts.

Included in every wedding gallery our couples will delightfully discover a series of candid moments, intricate details, and beautiful timeless portraiture.

Not only do we cover Wedding photography Sheffield, but throughout Derbyshire, Nottingham, Leeds, the rest of the U.K and abroad.

Feel free to get in-touch to request our latest wedding photography guide.

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