Elopement in Yorkshire - Wedding Photographer Sheffield

Elopement in Yorkshire

February 8, 2017

Let’s run away together, 
away from the city lights, 
where no one knows our names yet. 
And we can see the stars at night, 
we’ll camp out in the open, 
warming cold skin by the fire,
tell each other hopes and dreams,
and all of our desires.
We’ll own nothing more than we need,
watch sunrises colour the sky.
Learn what we’re really here for,
away from society’s eyes,
this journey will be scary,
but we’ll leave without a plan.
And I know it will be alright,
as long as you’re holding my hand ~ E.H

Elopement in Yorkshire - Wedding Photographer Sheffield

Matt & Meegan’s elopement in the Peak District National Park was one of the most wonderful wedding photography adventures we have been asked to be part of. We witnessed and watched their day unfold through the backs of our cameras, and together the four of us faced the December cold, ice and wind, but it didn’t bother us, we had flasks of tea, blankets and hot water bottles at the ready. We spent hours up in the Peak District, and we went to some amazing locations all over the Peak District National Park.  We starting the journey in Baslow, and went on-to Castleton, finishing at the top of the Peaks where we watched their first dance as husband and wife, and as the sun began to set they both held each other close until the sun eventually went down. It was pretty magical.

It was such a beautiful event to document and to be part of, we can’t really describe the feeling!


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