Exclusive wedding photography Sheffield

Eden on the rocks-The Peak District-Sheffield

August 13, 2015


Run free and wild, lose your mind, escape your inhibitions

Taste the wind, let your hair down.

Run wild and free, lose your mind, this world’s yours for the taking,

Open wide, scream it loud “this is my life,”

Go, let go, forget what came before,

Go, let go, running free.

Open your heart, open your mind to a new world,

Spread out your wings and learn to fly to a new world.


Sometimes amongst all the fast-pace working deadlines that we have, there is a vision to create something beautiful and un-told… Well I have had this vision for a long-time, a vision to create an inspirational bridal fashion shoot with an edge.  When I visited the White Room in Sheffield and first clapped my eyes on Eden in blue (by my favourite bridal design Claire Pettibone) I knew that this was the dress I had seen in my vision.  It all quickly began to piece together when speaking with the lovely Jill from Plantology Floral Creations in Sheffield City Centre, she just GOT-IT – the whole thing; the unplanned theme, the thing I couldn’t really describe as I hadn’t seen it done and I hadn’t yet created it.  And I love collaborative projects like this because as a professional with my own style I don’t want to be dictated to about how “my style” should be, so I don’t do that with other creative professionals either.  Everyone has their “own” unique style in whichever craft they specialise in, and with a bit of understanding and respect it can come together perfectly – just like this shoot did. I love beautiful surprises!

I strongly believe that as an artist you create how and what you feel, so how can you plan how you are going to feel on any particular shoot day?  I certainly can’t.  But I have the confidence in my creations to know that whatever-the-weather I will make it work.  No two days, or shoots, will ever be the same.  I produce images that represent the way in which I see the world and the way I feel about everything in it.

Chloe Gray was also on-board as the wedding hair and make-up artist (Sheffield), and again she just got it too and was a complete dream to work with.  You should really check her out if you are looking for a bridal hair and make-up artist for your wedding day.

And the beautiful Urte from J’adore Models was our stunning Sheffield Bride Model.Eden in blue by Claire Pettibone Weddings Sheffield Fashion bridal shoot SheffieldDreamy wedding photography Shefffield Sheffield wedding Photography Plantology Floral Creations Sheffield Chloe Grey Make up and wedding hair Sheffield wedding photography Love in a mist flower Sheffield Surprise View Sheffield Sheffield wedding photographer Peak District wedding photography shoot Eden on the rocks-Peak District-Sheffield Eden in Blue Sheffield Wedding Photographer The white Room Sheffield Claire Pettibone bridal gown Eden in blue by Claire Pettibone Sheffield wedding photography Peak District wedding shoot Exclusive wedding photography Sheffield Wedding photographers Sheffield Sheffield wedding photography Sheffield wedding photography Sheffield wedding photography Sheffield wedding photography Sheffield wedding photography Sheffield wedding photography Sheffield wedding photography Sheffield wedding photography

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