Dreamy boudoir photography

March 25, 2015

Dreamy boudoir photography

“In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest, where no one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that light becomes this art.” ~Rumi

I get asked a lot if my boudoir shoots are of models, my answer: no, not a single one.  All are of my brides-to-be, or my brides that have already got married.  They obviously look very confident and relaxed, which means I have done my job well.

The key to anyone looking great in photographs, especially boudoir photographs, is to 1; feel at ease with your photographer, 2; to be coached prior on what to expect, 3; be made to feel beautiful which gives you confidence, 4; patience, the shoot should not to be rushed, 5; professionalism, sensitivity and dignity from the photographer.

Below are just a small selection of images from Rebecca’s boudoir session.  Rebecca was very nervous to start.  She began with having her hair and make-up beautifully done before the shoot. This was a great warm-up and a confidence boost.  And after a few minutes into the shoot Rebecca really began to feel more comfortable about the idea of “boudoir,” she began to radiate and all of her beauty inwards and out began to shine through.

My boudoir photography sessions have been described as tasteful, dreamy, soft and romantic, film-like, artistic, natural, sensitive, poetic and ethereal.  I am a huge lover of life-drawing and used to attended classes regularly, they taught me about patience, shape, light and shade.  And I like to look upon my boudoir session in the same way as I did my life-drawing classes; looking at the way the ambient light falls onto the human body, the softness of the skin, the shapes the body can make, the light and shade upon the figure, it’s all relative and I see the human body as a work of art and with my camera which I paint with the light to create the images I produce in my signature style. I love photographing the human body as art.

I conduct many boudoir photography sessions throughout Sheffield, Derbyshire and Leeds.  I also have my very own boudoir studio bedroom if you would prefer to come to me.

Well done Rebecca, you looked amazing!  I know your husband-to-be will adore these images.  See you at your wedding!

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