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Creative Bridal Inspiration

February 25, 2016

Creative Bridal Inspiration


Keep doing the things that make you feel something.

Keep doing the things you’re in love with.

And if you don’t know what those are just yet, step out of the world, and find them.

Because everything is waiting for you ~ Victoria Erickson

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This is a shoot that happened simply because a few of my wonderful creative friends just wanted to get together and create.  I love it when things like this come together, when creative friends just want to ‘jam,’ it gives us a buzz, it feeds our creative buds and most of inspires us.  It’s shoots like this that gets us sharing our ideas and planning for the next one.

The talented team;

Hair and make-up: Alison Jenner

Styling & wedding stationary: Nina Marika

Flowers: VAAS

Jewellery: Last Night I Dreamt

Location: The glorious Peak District


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