Harley in Sheffield-Kelham Island
Two cool cats, one dog, and a Harley Davidson in Sheffield, Kelham Island. “Many will call me an adventurer, and that I am...only one of a different sort: one who risks his skin to prove his truths.” ― Che Guevara I myself bein ...
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Film and Flora
Film and Flora... This is a collection of film scans from 120 B/W film, taken on my medium format camera.  This is a camera I used to shoot my weddings on back in 2001.  The quality of film from this camera is just exceptional, i ...
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STAY CLOSE, MY HEART Stay close, my heart, to the one who knows your ways; Come into the shade of the tree that allays has fresh flowers. Don't stroll idly through the bazaar of the perfume-markers: Stay in the shop of the sug ...
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Married at Bolton Abbey Priory
Clare + Dan Married at Bolton Abbey Priory
Clare + Dan Married at Bolton Abbey Priory The One When the one whose hand you're holding Is the one one who holds your heart When the one whose eyes you gaze into Gives your hopes and dreams their start, When the one you th ...
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Sheffield City Wedding
Sheffield City Wedding Featured in You and Your Wedding Magazine We are very honoured that Becky and Gavin's Stylish Sheffield City Wedding is featured in this Month's edition of You and Your Wedding Magazine.  They had a laid-b ...
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Skipton pre wedding photographer
Skipton Pre Wedding Photographer
Skipton Pre Wedding Photographer We first met with Kay and Andy at their pre-wedding shoot at Bolton Abbey in Skipton.  They chose Bolton Abbey because it's where Andy proposed to Kay, so it made perfect sense to go back and reli ...
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