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Jess & Rod


Jess Petrie Photography provides a visual wonder-lust of photographic art that is completely unique, ethereal, dream-like and romantic.

By combining people’s personalities together with her vision, her photographic style, and her discreet and calm approach is what sets her aside from the rest.

When looking through her work you will soon grasp why her specialty is people photography. Looking through her clean crisp images you will not only see creative beautiful and skillful photographs, but you will also get a feel of the present emotion by the subjects. That is something very special, a quality that is rare and unique, and it is one of a true artist who is a master in their craft.

Jess’ husband (Rod) accompanies her at wedding as her assistant and second shooter (he is a photographer too). They are a super husband and wife team. He is included for free!

Based in Sheffield, they cover Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nationwide, and World-Wide.

With similar hearts and minds they share the same passion for both life and photography – wherever they go so does a good dose of optimism and a bag of cameras.

Feel free to read more about Jess Petrie Photography’s magazine and online publications, and find out more about them.

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Jess & Rod

"Booking Jess Petrie Photography was without a doubt the best decision we made for our wedding day. She was the first wedding photographer we came across when we began searching. I immediately fell in love with her work and immediately knew I wanted our wedding photos to look like that. At first, we didn’t think we had enough in the budget; I was determined to have Jess so decided to give up my Manolo Blahniks and use the money towards the photography instead; Ben was stunned that I was willing to forego my dream shoes but Jess was so very worth it and now we have the most amazing photographs to look back on forever XX" ~ Amy & Ben