Fer Juaristi

Photographing weddings, families, lifestyle photography, and subtle boudoir, in a soft natural light, and delicate non-intrusive style and way, is my passion, my full-time career, my life.

Want to know how it all started?  I’ve got a background in the arts.  I’ve always been into photography and film photography, fine art painting, photo-journalism, fashion, music, anything creative, it was, and always will be, a huge part of my life.  Whilst studying I was approached by a professional film wedding photographer who asked if I would like to assist him at weddings, I accepted and this led to me assisting him most weekends for around 4 years.  In 2004 I graduated with a bachelor of arts in art film photography.  I have since worked for some of the U.K’s leading portrait studios around different parts of the country, whilst shooting my own booked weddings in addition.  I have also worked as a photo-journalist in Australia.  I hold a teaching qualification and used to run therapeutic art workshops for schools and charities…  And here I am now… A Leeds wedding photographer that travels all over the globe creating visual memories for betrothed couples, who is lucky enough to have my husband (Rod) second shoot and accompany me at most weddings (for free!).

We are also green hearted and proud!  We are huge supporters of local businesses and a lot of our products are locally sourced and eco-friendly.  We strive for quality hand-made products and paper, and something a bit different.

Things we love:  Sandy toes and salty kisses, dancing under the moonlight, portraits at sunset, heartfelt readings, tears of joy, live music, a good cuppa in the morning, going to the old local cinema, old Polaroid cameras, gadgets, camping under the starts, our bicycles, vintage motorbikes (me, really!), collectables along our travels for our antique print tray, printed photographs, and so much more.

We are also registered with the photographic charity The Butterfly Wishes Network.


Photograph courtesy of Fer Juaristi.